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WORSHIP as a Seminary Outcome

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WORSHIP as a Seminary Outcome


By Sam On September 2, 2012 

It’s a fair question for any prospective seminary student to ask:

What RESULTS should I expect in my life and ministry if I complete your seminary program?

Rockbridge Seminary’s answer? You can expect to see five outcomes in your life and ministry if you complete a Rockbridge Seminary program.

One of these outcomes (or goals) relates to WORSHIP:

GOAL: The student demonstrates understanding of personal and community worship.
Rockbridge Seminary considers learning objectives for this goal to include observable behaviors such as:

  • Leads and/or works with other people in planning and facilitating worship.
  • Performs baptisms, weddings, funerals and other ordinances of the church in an appropriate manner.
  • Designs creative worship experiences that involve music, media, and the arts.
  • Educates the congregation in personal, family, and corporate worship.
  • Communicates Scripture in a way that leads an intended audience to worship and to experience life transformation.
  • Leads a congregation in prayer and a prayer ministry.

  • View ALL FIVE OUTCOMES you can expect in your life and ministry from completing a Rockbridge Seminary program

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