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Working with a Missions Team

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  1. Pray for God’s leadership.
  2. Determine what your ministry goals are and how a mission team could help you meet those goals. Decide what you need a team to do.
  3. Given the scope of the task(s), consider how many people you will need.
  4. Where will the mission team stay? Who will provide meals? Will they need kitchen or shower facilities?
  5. Who in your church would be available to work with the team once they are here? Remember that a mission team is coming to work with you, not for you.
  6. Contact the BCM/D Missions involvement Team (800.466.5290) or the North American Mission Board and request a mission team.
  7. Make contact with the leader of your potential mission team as soon as possible. Be clear and direct about what you need and what you can provide.
  8. Set up a time for the mission team leader to make a site visit to your church field.
  9. Continue to stay in close contact with the mission team leader throughout the preparation process.
  10. Once the mission team arrives, plan a time of orientation to your cultural setting, your ministry and the work the team will be doing that week.
  11. Meet with the team leader at least once a day during the mission project to keep lines of communication open. Deal with concerns promptly and directly.
  12. At the conclusion of the project, plan a time for you or the whole church to say “thank you” to the team. Review their accomplishments and help them understand how what they did fit into “the big picture” of your church’s ministry vision.

For more information on planning a mission trip or working with mission teams, contact the BCM/D at 1-800-466-5290