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Why Consider Us?

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Great question!

Here's what we see: People Who Need to Know the Lord

  • Over six million people live here. 
  • Most claim no religious affiliation. 
  • Most are biblically illiterate. 
  • Most are ignorant that they can have a personal relationship with God.
  • We want that to change.

Places of Strategic Importance

World interests and cultures meet here and bid for the opportunity to shape the future.  We think Jesus holds the highest bid.

This region is also the gateway to the great cities of the Northeast.  We need fresh approaches in the quest to reach the cities and cover changing times with God's unchanging Word.

Priority of Kingdom Progress

The Lord has a cohesive plan, so we value cohesive teamwork.  If you're "into" that, you will love the climate for church planting here. 

The leadership of local churches, associations and the state convention have covenanted to plant churches together. All of these entities participate in resourcing our new church starts.  Cooperation is at a maximum level, and a movement has truly begun!

Care to join us?