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Triad Approach

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Transforming Discipleship is a model of disciple-making that focuses on what pastor and author Greg Ogden calls the power of three. These he describes, from his web-site, as:

Relational Transparency: 

Our willingness to become self-revealing with other believers on the journey toward maturity in Christ (horizontal) is the critical sign that we truly want the Lord (vertical) to remake us into His image. 

Truth in Community: 

If we want the Scripture to become more than compartmentalized information, we must study, meditate and memorize the Word in a relationally interactive setting. 

Life-Change Accountability: 

We need partners on the journey that will not only witness that we have “filled in the blanks of our discipleship manual”, but know the struggles we fight to overcome and lovingly stand with us as we live into a new reality.

Over 20 years of disciple-making ministry, Ogden has identified two critical trends: 

  1. these qualities are best nurtured and experienced in groups of three (thus triad);
  2. groups of three have had a higher multiplication rate than other group sizes he has worked with.

Ogden makes the case for triads in a text titled Transforming Discipleship: Making Disciples a Few at a Time. In that same text you will find the step-by-step help to set up such a ministry in your own congregation, including how to multiply the work.

Although you could use any number of resources to assist in guiding your triads, Ogden also provides a curriculum framework to use on the journey called Discipleship Essentials: A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ. The material is built around a single core theme for each gathering, a Q/A format, the use of memory verses, and inductive Bible study. 

You can discover more about this model and the resources at Greg Ogden's website.