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Obedience meets Imagination as BCM/D goes global through online training

“Equip the saints for the works of ministry”… that’s what the Holy Spirit said through the pen of Paul.

That we do so is a matter of obedience.

How we do so is a matter of imagination!

Historically, missionaries, consultants, volunteers, and leaders from partner churches have provided high quality, conference-type training in centralized and regional events all across the Mid-Atlantic. While these events continue to benefit many, the percentage of the population who can participate is shrinking. Why? The answer is found in a very simple and practical formula:

Lengthening Commutes + Flex Work Hours = ever-decreasing 9-to-5 jobs

How is a network of churches, on mission with God, to respond?

The choices are few: look backwards and lament; look at our culture and grumble; or look forward and innovate! The BCM/D chooses to look forward.

As an act of obedience to Father and an offering of imagination, the BCM/D is constantly expanding the number of online training resources available to the churches of our region. In this section of the website you will find links to conference presentations, theological seminaries, blogs, twitter, facebook pages, podcasts,… and the list is constantly growing!

Volunteers from your preschool Sunday School team can sit around a PC at home at their convenience and attend a virtual conference through bcmd.e-quip.net. Pastors can find random ideas for 5-minute spiritual retreats via Restore My Soul twitter messages. Church leaders can find inspiration and instruction for multiplying their work by Kingdom expansion thru Moving at the Speed of God podcasts. Small Group leaders can engage each other and ideas through the SmallTalk blog. Dual-vocational pastors, volunteer staff, and those ministers your church calls from within the congregation can find links to some of the finest online ministry preparation programs in the world!

Enjoy the journey of online equipping!

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