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The Scope

The Scope of Older Adult Ministry


The Great Commission is both timeless and ageless.  Many people have bought into the myth that there is some magical age at which one retires, even from Christian service.  Some churches unintentionally feed this myth.

The generations of older adults have a history of mobilizing to get the job done.  Why would they stop just because they become older?  If anything, becoming older is more of a reason to stay faithful to the mission of "The Great Commission".  After all it is not the great suggestion.


Older adult ministry must be about developing strategies for involving older adults in making disciples, maturing or growing believers thus multiplying leaders and ministries.


Older adult ministry should involve all older adults in ministry with, to, and through older adults.  Then ministries will target people of all ages.  As an example older adults may minister to children as they volunteer through a community public library.


Older adult ministries will use the existing structure of the church's Sunday School or other Bible study groups in order to help other ministry teams.


Anytime, as older adult ministry can not and should not be limited to one event or meeting.


Anyplace, in the church, down the street, or around the world.

Now that we have answered: Why, What, Who, How, When and Where, what should we anticipate will happen in our churches?  Here is my take on this.

  • Churches will see older adults come to know Christ as personal Lord and savior and follow Him in baptism.
  • Churches will hear stories of how God has changed the lives of older adults and those to whom they reach and minister.
  • Church will see older adult ministry leaders sending out older adults in service, as well as, seeing older adults discovering how they link their giftedness beyond the walls of the church.

Do not throw out what you are doing with that monthly meeting, just give it an enhanced focus.