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The Message and How We Get It

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The Message and How We Get It

As we journey together through this blog, you have learned some things about living as a senior, or about the new "senior group" which are baby boomers.

We also have covered the problems which may lead to suicide in the lives of seniors, as well as, covered 12 giants that interrupt the lives of many people.

As I promised in the last blog, we are going to look at the messages that we send to others in regard to our Christian walk and talk.


The problem in our life is the "problem we make" of life.

When problems hit us, we need to covey a spirit that these are not "problems".   We need to take the high road and consider them to be challenges or opportunities for "I Am" (God) and you to face together.

There is always power in the presence of "I Am".  After all, a setback is a set up for a come-back.

The real problem is that life is not always the dream we hope it would be.  In fact, you may feel devastated, angry, and at times hopeless.  Bad stuff is everywhere, breakups, car accidents, crime, difficult people, heath issues etc...

We inadvertently may fall under the assumption that the latest TV star or neighbor has a better life than we do, free and void of "problems".  In reality, they are not any more insulated or free from problems then we are.


Have you ever cried out into the void of life and waited for someone to make sense of it all?

The good news is that there is someone who hears your cries and can make sense of it all.  That someone, along with His son Jesus, can lift you to that high road and walk along with you through it.  Not just for the duration of the trial but for eternity.

God the Father, His Son Jesus, and The Holy Spirit have been wanting a relationship with you since you were born.  Once you have accepted the fact that Christ is The Way, The Truth, and The Life the next step is to be a living "Christian witness" and give it (your witness) to the world.

Living and giving is the way that we send that witness to a lost world.

Let us look at Christian living according to God's Word which is demonstrated in Colossians 3.

In this chapter Paul provided the Colossian church with guidelines for proper conduct.  Paul needed to remind the Colossians "whom" they served.

He also shows us in Colossians 3:1-11  that once you have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior you will have a deep personal relationship with God.  Which will transform every area of  your new life in Christ.

Colossians 3:12-17 demonstrates our new life in Christ as we involve ourselves with others.

As you now stand before God, He seeks to "perfect" you.  We use the word "perfect" as a verb which indicates that you are a work in progress.

God sees you as one who has been made perfect through Jesus Christ, the one who is perfect.

We are to send a message to others that we have a transformed life that is Godly.

We need to joyfully adopt Godly characteristics in our lives as presented to us in Colossians 3:12-17.  The world will see a message of joy in our lives as we serve our Lord.  Many in this world are "reading you" as their only Bible.

Now that you know how to get the right message that needs to be conveyed to a lost world.  We will look at the right message you need to send yourself in order to convince others.  We will address this in our next blog session.

Until then, journey well.