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The Journey to Biblical Manhood

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The Journey to Biblical Manhood

The Journey to Biblical Manhood (JBM) is a complete, yet flexible, plan to disciple all the men in your church. It's ideal for small groups or one-on-one discipleship. No special training is required to get started. There is no charge to enroll.

The Journey to Biblical Manhood addresses two problems:

  • Too many men are cultural Christians, not biblical Christians. The collateral damage in families is staggering.
  • Many churches have not been able to figure out how to engage these men in a successful discipleship process.

The Journey to Biblical Manhood consists of any or all of 12 Challenges that will...

  • Minister to the most deeply felt needs of your men
  • Equip them to understand who God created them to be
  • Train them as Godly men, husbands, fathers, and sons
  • Infuse them with the confidence and courage they need to complete their mission


See the 12 Challenges. You can mix and match to the needs of your men. Take one challenge or take them all.

See an example of the Seven Steps to implement a challenge.

Download a PDF brochure that gives an overview of The Journey.