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Student Overview Booklet #710-15ST

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Student Overview Booklet #710-15ST

LYN-SC Evangelism Strategy



By its very nature, the church is an advancing people. We advance God’s Kingdom and we advance against the work of Satan. We advance toward people in seeing them come to Christ and become one who follows and obey Him. This is accomplished through the use of the various parts of the church body.

The Student Overview Booklet provides an overview of the essential elements a student ministry should
consider while developing their individual evangelism strategy. Each ministry expresses love and evangelism in different ways, and we hope that the information provided will provide a framework from which your church can determine how best to move the gospel of Jesus Christ forward in your student ministry and mission field.

You will also see the connection that is made between the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, which makes evangelism the most loving action a student ministry and/or an individual can make. The 6 Expressions (Love and Evangelism) section are essential for a student ministry to have a healthy approach to advancing God’s Kingdom. We have also provided some continuing steps and resources that are available for you and your ministry as you seek God and develop your ministry’s expression of Love Your Neighbor - Share Christ. These steps will assist you in reaching people and seeing them grow in the image of Christ.