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Student Education Missions (Youth)

Mission education resources for students (grade 7 through 12) are an integral part of any Christian Education program. The information on this page is meant to assist you in your efforts for both guys and gals in teaching about missions and teaching in a mission setting.

Challengers is a youth mission education organization for young men grades 7-12 where they support each other to fulfill their personal commitment to live out their christian testimony as well as to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last Frontier Survival is an innovative mission education resource that not only will teach basic survival skills but also give students a vision for fulfilling the Great Commission in their generation. Sensitive subjects and struggles that every young man faces are addressed in this mission education resource.

Hi-Speed Missions is a collection of lesson plans designed for teenage boys organized around topics of concern to youth, with each topic including a series of four studies.  It integrates into existing ministry settings such as Bible studies, discipleship groups, retreats, weekend events, camps and lock-ins

Acteens® is a missions organization for girls ages 12–17 or in grades 7–12.  Through Acteens, teenage girls have opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers. Acteens learn to look beyond themselves and become actively involved in missions and ministry.

World Changers seeks to provide Christian youth and adults with opportunities to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others through practical learning experiences that teach servanthood and personal commitment to missions

PowerPlant is designed to engage students in church planting and evangelism. Participants learn church planting principles and evangelism skills each morning, then have a chance to engage personally through assigned ministry team activities in the afternoon and evening.

Amped Student Ministries goal is focused in three areas which are found throughout the teachings of Jesus. We are to love God, love others, and be a servant. We feel that this can only be accomplished by directly following those teachings and keeping ministry personal.