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Student Brochure #710-05ST

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  • Student Brochure #710-05ST

Student Brochure #710-05ST

LYN-SC Evangelism Strategy



The most loving thing a person can do toward another person is to share Christ. In fact, love without sharing Christ is not complete love. Sharing Christ involves both living like Christ and Sharing Christ verbally.

The Student Brochure briefly covers the basic topics of the Love Your Neighbor-Share Christ strategy for student ministry.  Those topics are:

  • Great Commission and Commandment
  • Evangelistic Student Ministry Culture
  • Leaders Modeling Evangelism

And the Six Expressions - Individuals and small groups simply living out the following are essential to effective student ministry evangelism.

  • Pray
  • Enjoy and Serve Lost People
  • Evangelism Training
  • Friendly Up the Ministry
  • Bridging and Harvesting Efforts
  • Connecting and Deploying Disciples