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Apply for the 2017 Strengthening Churches Grant

The Strengthening Churches Grant Committee of the General Mission Board is now receiving project proposals/requests for 2017

Strengthening Churches Grants Funds are monies earned from the “Advancing Christ’s Kingdom” Fund. These monies are made available to assist in projects designed to expand the outreach and ministry of churches in existence three years or more.

Project proposals/requests can be submitted by local BCM/D churches/missions, associations, BCM/D strategy teams, and/or BCM/D staff. Such projects will be funded based on predetermined criteria.

February 13, 2017, is the deadline for receiving project proposals. The maximum grant per project will not exceed $4,000.

Only one project request will be considered from any church or association. If a church has received a grant in a previous year for a project, additional applications for a grant must be for a different project.

Due to limited resources, requests for projects related to construction or transportation will not be considered. First time requests will be given priority.

Open and download the application here.