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Zulma AcunaEmail Zulma

Zulma Acuna

800-466-5290 x259

Missionary Assistant

  • Rolando Castro, Hispanic Church Multiplication Strategist
Shannon BakerEmail ShannonFacebookBaptistLIFE Online BaptistLIFE Twitter

Shannon Baker

800-466-5290 x266

Director of Communications


  • Editor
  • National Correspondent
  • Staff Photographer/Videographer
Rolando Castro Email Rolando Rolando's Blog

Rolando Castro

800-466-5290 x221

Hispanic Church Multiplication Strategist

  • Church Planting/Evangelism (Plantacion de iglesias)
  • Language Churches
  • Hispanic Church Development

Michael Crawford Email Michael

Michael Crawford

800-466-5290 x225

Church Multiplication Team Strategist

Adron Dozat Email Adron

Adron Dozat

800-466-5290 x249

Facility Support Services Specialist

Doug DuBois Email Doug

Doug DuBois

800-466-5290 x235

Team Strategist, Evangelism & Mission Engagement

Executive Director, Skycroft Conference Center

Keith Hammer Email Keith

Keith Hammer

800-466-5290 x211

Church Strengthening Strategist

Email Phil

Phil Gifford

800-466-5290 x214

Church Strengthening Specialist: Music and Worship

Blake Hardcastle Email Blake

Blake Hardcastle

800-466-5290 x265

Campus Minister

  • University of Delaware
June Holland Email June

June Holland

800-466-5290 x233

Church Strengthening Specialist: Children/Bible Teaching

  • Preschool/Children
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Weekday Education
Donna Jefferys Email Donna

Donna Jefferys

800-466-5290 x202

Executive Office Coordinator

Ministry Assistant to Executive Director

    Robert Kim Email Robert

    Robert Kim

    800-466-5290 x228

    Church Multiplication Strategist: Asian

    • Asian Church Planting/Evangelism
    • Asian Church Development
    • Language Churches

    Melody Knox Email Melody

    Melody Knox


    Church Strengthening Specialist: Women

    Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) Executive Director

    Sharon Mager Email Sharon FacebookBaptistLIFE Online BaptistLIFE Twitter

    Sharon Mager

    800-466-5290 x251


    • Communications Specialist
    mmattar.jpg Email Michael

    Michael Mattar

    800-466-5290 x242

    Church Multiplication Specialist: Language

    Mike McQuitty Email Mike

    Mike McQuitty

    800-466-5290 x224

    Strategist for Collegiate Ministries

    Campus Minister

    • Towson University
    Adele Millwood Email Adele

    Adele Millwood

    800-466-5290 x219

    Ministry Assistant

    • Randy Millwood, Church Strengthening Team Strategist
    Randy Millwood Email Randy

    Randy Millwood

    800-466-5290 x217

    Church Strengthening Team Strategist


    • Leadership
    • Small Groups
    • Spiritual Transformation
    Wendy MindteEmail Wendy

    Wendy Mindte

    800-466-5290 x263

    Church/School Partnerships Coordinator

    Gail Noda Email Gail

    Gail Noda

    800-466-5290 x218

    Ministry Assistant to Church Strengthening

    • Keith Hammer
    • June Holland
    • Melody Knox
    Margot Painter Email Margot

    Margot Painter

    800-466-5290 x204

    Accounting Specialist

    Assistant Building Coordinator

    Ministry Assistant

    • Tom Stolle, Chief Financial Officer
    Chrissie Redding Email Chrissie

    Chrissie Redding

    800-466-5290 x222

    Ministry Assistant Church Multiplication
    • Michael Crawford
    • Rolando Castro
    • Robert Kim
    Tom Rodgerson Email Tom

    Tom Rodgerson

    800-466-5290 x210


    • Ministers' Counseling and Support
    Jessica Senasack Email Jessica

    Jessica Senasack

    800-466-5290 x203

    Campus Minister

    • University of Maryland, College Park
    Reid Sterrett Email Reid

    Reid Sterrett

    800-466-5290 x234

    Network Catalyst & Connector

    Tom Stolle Email Tom

    Tom Stolle

    800-466-5290 x207

    Interim Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

    Team Strategist for Resource Development


    • Minister's Compensation
    • Church Treasurers
    • Stewardship
    Niki Taylor Email Niki

    Niki Taylor

    800-466-5290 x226

    Ministry Assistant Evangelism and Mission Engagement

    • Doug DuBois
    • Ellen Udovich
    • Mike McQuitty
    Ellen Udovich Email Ellen

    Ellen Udovich

    800-466-5290 x216

    Strategist for Church Strengthening & Community Engagement, Love Loud Ministry Evangelism

    • Disaster Relief
    • Lay Mobilization
    • Senior Adults
    Iris White Email Iris FacebookBaptistLIFE Online BaptistLIFE Twitter

    Iris White

    800-466-5290 x245


    • Managing Editor

    Office Coordinator

    IT Coordinator

    Ron Yost Email Ron

    Ron Yost


    Campus Minister

    • Frostburg State University