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The phrase spiritual formation is defined by a host of writers in a variety of ways. Simply put, it is the ongoing work of God’s Spirit in our lives, carving/shaping us into the increasingly unmistakable image of Jesus. It is a grace work of His, on our behalf. Yet, He chooses to invite our involvement in the process.

I have a cell phone and, at times, someone has a message to send my way. So, they dial my number. The efficiency of the process does rest, at least in part, on (1) my cell being ‘on’; (2) my cell being ‘charged’; and (3) me being in range of a cell tower. The caller may still call – get my voice mail – leave a message – and wait for me to get back to him/her. But, the whole process is far more efficient if I’ve done my part.

Similarly, you/I can make certain that we are ‘on’, ‘charged’, and ‘in range’ for Father to get through. Essentially, that is what spiritual formation is all about… habits, practices, exercises, disciplines… that place us in the best possible position to hear God’s Voice.

The churches that are the BCM/D use a variety of methods to disciple people. That variety can be narrowed to two primary paradigms… essentially the differences in the two have to do with sequence. If you approach the spiritual formation/discipleship journey from the perspective of topics, habits, lessons that are carried to the person (i.e., content first, audience second) you represent what could be called a program-based approach to discipleship. If you reverse that order (audience first, content second) then you represent what we are calling a relational approach to spiritual formation. Whatever your basic paradigm, we hope you can find some resourcing on these pages. Simply choose a model below!

Program-Based Approaches

Relational Approaches

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