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Southern Baptist busy At work At London Olympics

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Southern Baptist busy At work At London Olympics

The Olympics are going strong in the UK and while all the world watches, many Southern Baptists are on the ground giving their time and energy to sharing the Gospel. 

Under the leadership of Doug and Marcy Shaw, IMB missionaries in London, volunteers are finding many opportunities to use this international event to the glory of God.  From July 24 until August 13, and again during the Paralympics in late August. More than Gold, an ecumenical organization through which the Shaws are working, is organizing ministry teams according to the guidelines laid out by official UK Olympic rules.

Teams of 10-20 people are manning “live sites,” large open areas set up by churches or boroughs with huge television screens where the public can watch the games.  These sites have festival games, refreshments and places to rest.  Some churches are hosting a smaller version of these sites at their worship center. Other volunteers are serving as “games pastors.” These key workers are in busy transit areas such as airports and tourist sites to aid visitors with their needs, be it directions, physical problems or spiritual concerns.

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