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Congregational gatherings can be inspiring and instructional. Quiet, personal time with God can stir our very souls. But transformation seems to happen most with the help of a spiritual family, and that is exactly what a small group is: a spiritual family where gifts can be exercised in service to all, where community is embraced, where family-accountability can assist in moving spiritual truth from head – to heart – to hands!

At the BCM/D, when we say small group we are talking about groups that meet away from the Church campus… groups that are home based, neighborhood based, and/or marketplace based. We’re also thinking about groups that are not-so-much one part of a larger program-based strategy; rather about groups that have holistic assignments. So, that’s the focus in this section of the website. I hope you find ideas and resources here helpful. And I hope you’ll add to them as time goes by!

Please let us know how we can help.


  • Stats No Small Group Point Person Should Ignore I: Groups Make a Huge Difference

    By Rick Howerton  Groups make a huge difference. We all believe this to be true. After all, we just need to read the New Testament to know this is true.

  • LifeWay debuts smallgroup.com

    Smallgroup.com from LifeWay Christian Resources is an online tool allowing church leaders or individual group leaders to build custom Bible studies. At smallgroup.com, you can have a personal account with access to a massive library of Bible study content. Every study is biblically based and completely customizable by you.

  • Saddleback Resources offers Romans 8 Study Kit

    Take a journey together with your small group to greater faith! If you’ve ever had feelings like, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m never going to change,” or “Life is too hard,” Romans eight is the chapter for you! Saddleback Church Pastor Tom Holladay taught this video series beginning at the bottom and moving to the top of Saddleback Mountain through each of the four sessions to help us see clearly the journey from doubt to faith—from discouragement to hope—that God has for us.

  • Free Smallgroups.com 14-day trial

    Smallgroups.com offers a free 14-day trial to its popular website, where you can get everything your small group needs to be healthy and equipped, including: 1,200+ practical articles on important topics for small groups 100+ downloadable Training Tools to customize and use for ministry meetings or personal use 250+ downloadable Bible Studies that'll revolutionize how you choose and get study materials For an individual subscription, you will be charged after your 14-day free trial. You can canc...

  • The Best Season of All

    The Best Season of All In defense of meeting in the summer By Jay Firebaugh I inherited a church small-group ministry that insisted small groups break for the summer. But I am a huge fan of small groups meeting throughout the summer. Our policy now is that small groups can take a break anytime they want—for the entire summer, or even just a couple of weeks—but they're never forced to.

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