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Congregational gatherings can be inspiring and instructional. Quiet, personal time with God can stir our very souls. But transformation seems to happen most with the help of a spiritual family, and that is exactly what a small group is: a spiritual family where gifts can be exercised in service to all, where community is embraced, where family-accountability can assist in moving spiritual truth from head – to heart – to hands!

At the BCM/D, when we say small group we are talking about groups that meet away from the Church campus… groups that are home based, neighborhood based, and/or marketplace based. We’re also thinking about groups that are not-so-much one part of a larger program-based strategy; rather about groups that have holistic assignments. So, that’s the focus in this section of the website. I hope you find ideas and resources here helpful. And I hope you’ll add to them as time goes by!

Please let us know how we can help.

SMALL GROUP NEWS from smallgroups.com 

  • Small Group Ministry Show

    The Small Group Show is a free resource distributed to small group leaders, pastors and champions across the country. Hosted by Steve Gladen, current Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church, and Brett Eastman, from Lifetogether. They are interviewing some of the most influential, and interesting men and women in the small group movement today in a talk show format to help encourage, equip and inform local Small Group Champions (Pastors, Point Leaders, Staff and Volunteers) whether p...

  • Lead Like Jesus

    Lead Like Jesus: Lessons for Everyone from the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time By Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges Jesus is clear about how He wants us to lead: He asks us to make a difference in our world by being effective servant leaders. We want you to come to trust Jesus as your leadership role model, so whether you are leading in a business, in a nonprofit organization, in your community, in your church, or in your home, you will make Jesus smile. It is the vision of our Lead Lik...

  • Building a Small Group Ministry

    The Course: Building a Small Group Ministry This video clip is included in the materials for  the course “Building a Small Group Ministry,” an elective course offered fully online by Rockbridge Seminary for the Master of Divinity and the Master of Ministry Leadership programs. Course Schedule 2013 Term 2 (Feb 26-/Apr 22) – MDiv, MMLCourses are taught fully online in 8-week terms. Each course allows students to build learning from the context of their own ministry roles w...

  • Understanding How God Shapes Spiritual Leaders

    A Work of Heart: Understanding How God Shapes Spiritual Leaders By Reggie McNeal Spiritual leadership is a work of heart. This truth escapes many spiritual leaders. Caught up in helping other people maintain their hearts, they frequently ignore or neglect their own.

  • Lifetogether Produces Breakthrough New Curriculum Format Couple

    Lifetogether Produces Breakthrough New Curriculum Format For Couples and Churches from some of America's Favorite Authors We have just completed a nationwide road trip from New York to California and from Houston to Seattle shooting 6 Bestselling Authors and their wives right in their own living room in some cases. In a new "unplugged" conversational interview format each couple spoke honestly about the challenges and strategies in creating a lasting intimate marriage for a lifetime. In a v...

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