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A Little about Older Adult Ministry:

With direction and power from our Lord, we endeavor to minister to the middle and older adult group (Seniors) which make up 40% of our church congregations.  In addition, it is also one of the largest unchurched groups in America. 

With those statistics in hand, we desire to;

Develop church groups comprised of older Americans that will not only minister to their senior church members but also reach out to the senior community.

For each church to transform their older adults into outreach vessels through social and ministry multi-tasking.

To be informational and learn how the Department of Aging, the AARP and other Senior focus groups can provide information.

As you can see the possibilities are endless.

As one person recently asked me, "what is a middle and older adult ministry?"  my answer is that it is a plan for significant living in the second half of one's life.   One may have had a successful career, but at retirement one wants to continue to do something significant with the rest of his/her life.

In reality it is a time of re-purposing one's life and how one accomplishes this dependent upon the church and its staff.

The coordinates of attitude, spiritual growth and Godly habits leads one to strategize a plan to turn aging into significance. The goal of middle and older adult ministry is to move that significance into an action plan of service to others in the church and the community.  The equation,  Aging + Strategy + Action = SIGNIFICANCE in the second half of life.

Senior Ministry Connection: Redd Alert

This site will feature monthly updates pertaining to Senior's, their world,and the ministry that can help them navigate through it. 

To access Redd Alert, please click here

If you have any questions pertaining to Senior Ministry, please contact: Ellen Udovich , at 410-290-5290, email eudovich@bcmd.org

Senior Ministry News & Events

  • The Gospel Project

    Takes senior adults through the Bible to show them how everything points to the one story that connects Scripture from cover to cover ”God's redemptive plan to rescue them from sin and death. They will see how the gospel transforms them when they see how all Scriptures point to Jesus. They become God's gospel project.

  • Bible Studies for Life

    An easy-to-use Bible study series intentionally designed to address life topics relevant to Senior Adults and create opportunities for spiritual growth and conversation/connection. Purchase the Personal Study Guide (Large Print), Leader Guide, Leader Pack, and Advanced Bible Commentary or Herschel Hobbs Commentary. Bible Studies for Life: KJV Adults (Large Print) is also available.

  • Explore The Bible

    A book-by-book Bible study designed to take senior adults deep in the Word. These expository studies encourage transformational encounters with Scripture that help you know the Word in a personal and meaningful way. Purchase the Personal Study Guide, Leader Guide, Leader Pack and Commentary.

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