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Send North America

Throughout the Old and New Testaments we see a clear pattern of God calling and sending His followers.

He sent Abraham out of Ur and on a journey that culminated in God establishing a people who would carry His message into all the world.

God sent Moses to be a temporary rescue for His chosen people. He sent Jonah to a pagan Nineveh to warn of God’s judgment. And He sent His son, Jesus,—the ultimate message of love—to rescue and redeem the world.

Jesus continued this sending pattern with His disciples and the New Testament church.  And God wants to send you.

As believers, we are a people sent by God to carry His message of love, mercy and redemption through His son Jesus Christ. This is missions at its core. God’s missionary heart beats for all people to know and worship Him. And we have the privilege and responsibility of being the ones chosen by God to take the gospel into the entire world.  Full Article