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Same-Sex Marriage Update

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Same-Sex Marriage Update

Washington Post

Maryland gay marriage bill passes legislature, By T.J. Ortenz

When Maryland’s Senate passed a same-sex marriage bill Thursday, supporters streamed out of the Annapolis chamber and celebrated in the streets while others took to Twitter to announce their pride.

Some looked ahead toward a possible referendum, and opponents voiced disappointment. Gov. Martin O’Malley says he will sign the bill into law.  However, voters who oppose the legislation could revoke it if it comes up for a referendum, as is likely.

Maryland Marriage Alliance

Now we turn our attention to the state Senate.  We are hopeful that hearts and minds will be changed in the Senate and that they will hear the voices of collective citizens around the state.

It is clear that there are other avenues for granting certain rights to domestic partnerships, such as medical decision-making, hospital visitation rights, and exemptions from real estate transfer and inheritance taxes.  There are many ways to protect basic human rights; redefining marriage is not one of them.

We applaud the efforts of many members of the House of Delegates who stood by their courageous convictions.  We will continue to stand with them to make the wishes of their constituents continue to be the law in Maryland of marriage between one man and one woman.

We applaud the citizens of Maryland who have continued to stay engaged and advocate for the timeless, universal, and special definition of marriage as one man and one woman.  We will continue to collectively work together to assure the citizens of Maryland that we will uphold the definition of Marriage in Maryland.

Thankfully, Maryland law allows for a referendum process by a peoples' vote, and we are committed, if needed, to bring this issue to the vote of the people of Maryland.  To read full and complete article click here

Christian Life & Public Affairs

In preparations for the impending referendum on the Same-Sex Marriage law we are making available to you A Guide to the Citizen's Power of Referendum in Maryland. 

"The people reserve to themselves power known as The Referendum, by petition to have submitted to the registered voters of the State, to approve or reject at the polls, any Act, or part of any Act of the General Assemble, if approved by the Governor, or, if passed by the General Assembly over the veto of the Governor,"

The Petition process is very strict in the matter in which a signer may sign the petition.  Please inform your family, friends, and church that the only signature that will be recognize is the one that is an exact match to what is on their voters registration card. 

At present we can not move forward until the Governor signs the Bill into law.  Once that happens we will have a short window of time to collect no less that 60,000 (100,000+ is more preferable) signatures for petition against the same-sex marriage law.  If petition is accepted than the Same-Sex Marriage law will go to the voting polls for each Maryland citizen to vote on it.

For now, we asked that you pray and stand ready to act when referendum has been adopted.

Your copy:  A Guide to the Citizen's Power of Referendum in Maryland