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Royal Ambassador Bible Telling

What is RA Bible Telling?

A set of 36 Bible stories, covering God’s mission from Abraham to Paul, has been written specifically for Royal Ambassadors. Each story also includes a set of hand motions to help RAs remember the story. Think of them as memory aid. You and your RAs will find that it is much easier to learn the stories using the motions. Each story takes about four minutes to tell.

Why Bible Telling?

It's a powerful new tool for developing Ambassadors for Christ. Bible Telling combines biblical truth with the excitement of storytelling. It's not simply memorizing and reciting. It’s incorporating God’s Story into your story.

Other questions such as;

  1. How can I reward my RA's?
  2. How many stories should I encourage my RA's to learn and share?
  3. What if I'm not good a very good storyteller?
  4. Where should the RAs share their stories they learn?

36 Bible Stories available for free download.  Learn more about this exciting tool and access your free downloads here.