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Redland Baptist - "Shine The Light" Project

By Shannon Baker, BCM/D National Correspondent

ROCKVILLE, Md.—When a family in his church offered to give $30,000 toward missions, Redland Baptist Church pastor Mark Adams and leaders in his church realized the greater potential of small investments into God’s Kingdom. Rather than placing the entire donation on a single missions trip, they decided to provide $100 per individual or family to cover the cost of a service project where the individual or family sees a need.

Describing the “Shine the Light” project to his congregation, Adams explained, “The idea is for you to covenant to pray about this—asking God to show you a need—a way you can do a tangible good work that will let your light so shine before men so they will praise Him.”  

He also explained the guidelines: Participants must finish their service project, first approved by pastoral staff, within 90 days of when they receive the $100. Participants agree to share a testimony of the results of their project. For larger projects, participants can combine their $100 with other Redland members.

However, participants cannot use funds for their own personal use nor can they...Click here to read full article