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To talk is static. To walk is active. To prayerwalk is dynamic.

The praying church in the world is the kingdom come.  The prayerwalking church in the world is the kingdom coming.

Intercessory prayer is a biblical priority. Paul instructed young Timothy as follows: “I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men” (1 Timothy 2:1).

The Bible mentions many kinds of prayer, such as supplications, petitions, thanksgivings as well as intercessions. Intercession is that type of prayer that focuses on the needs and concerns of others.

Prayerwalking is a method of intercessory prayer that involves walking while praying at the location of the prayer journey. Prayerwalking may also include riding, jogging, boating, biking, flying, riding a train or any other means of transportation.

During the prayerwalking experience, God may reveal some personal need to you for which you must offer petition, but primarily, prayerwalking is offering prayers of intercession. 

God is calling Christians not only to prayer, but also to move with Him through the neighborhoods of their towns, as well as along the sidewalks and paths of the world. Thank you for your willing heart to hear and heed His call to intercede for the world one step at a time.

Types of prayerwalking


  • All prayerwalking begins with and then issues from our personal prayerwalk with God.


  • As we walk with God through the responsibilities and activities of our day, we will find Christ prompting us to intercede for others around us. This is incidental prayerwalking. Incidental to our normal work in the world, God uses us as intercessors.


  • Strategically important are our planned and organized times of on-site intercession as God directs. These could be as simple as an evening prayerwalk through our neighborhood or as involved as leading a prayer team overseas. 

Learn more about prayerwalking by downloading one or several of the following documents. Combine them for use in group training.