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Possibilities for Growth

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Possibilities for Growth

Possibilities for a growth producing Middle & Older Adult Ministry

Now that I have sparked your awareness of how many of us there are, let me create a setting of possibilities for a growth producing Middle and Older Adult church program.

The possibilities in most churches are tremendous. 

Picture1While there are many middle and older adults in the church today, there are millions outside of the church.  Middle and Older adult ministry is a great place for a church to proclaim the gospel and effectively carry out the Great Commission. 

Considering that older adults are one of the largest unchurched groups.  Here are five steps that have worked in effective Middle and Older adult church ministries.

  1. They begin by identifying those adults 50 years and above, both in the congregation and in the community.  They develop a profile of both groups, listing needs, interest, family, marital status, mobility, skills, and hobbies. 
  2. They organize a three month trial program for middle and older adults to assess interest, participation and possibilities. 
  3. They raise congregational awareness about the opportunity for ministry and the church's response to those over 50.
  4. They consider the addition of a full or part time middle and older adult pastor.  In most churches there are twice as many over 50 as youth 13-19 years of age.
  5. They provide opportunities for growth and development in the following areas:

    • Ministry Opportunity:  Giving time, experience, energy to others.
    • Spiritual Growth:  Continuing to walk in the Christian life.
    • Evangelistic Outreach:  Sharing the gospel with others.
    • Friendship:  Building relationships with others.
    • Education:  Continuing growth.
    • Fellowship:  Providing recreational and social activities.

This is a critical time for the church in America as more and more people enter the 50+ population.  These people have unique skills, needs, and hopes.  The church with the good news of Jesus Christ has the wonderful opportunity to minister to them.