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Platt's Challenge to Pastors: Make Disciples

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Platt's Challenge to Pastors: Make Disciples

David Platt brought the closing message of the Send North America Conference encouraging pastors and church planters to make disciples using the book of Acts as a guide. Platt, pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, Ala., opened his remarks recounting his time in Cuba two years ago.

“I know your minds are full; your hearts are full after two days like this,” said Platt. “I hope to encourage you. Two years ago I had the privilege to meet with brothers and sisters in Cuba. You only see the Church in Cuba when you see the people in Cuba. They stay under the radar of communism.”

Platt shared his experience visiting with a pastor of a church, which had planted 63 churches. 

One of the daughter churches had planted another 25 churches.

“They were experiencing exponential growth like wildfire,” said Platt. “I asked the pastor of the church that had planted 63 churches, how do you plant churches like that? He said, ‘We make disciples."

“There are 260 million lost people in North America, on a road to an eternal hell. And we have the gospel. How do we stab the heart of this nation and reach people with the hope of Christ?”

Citing Acts 11 and 13, Platt shared 10 exhortations from the church in Antioch.  

  • Let’s raise up ordinary people in the church who will do extraordinary things in the kingdom. 
  • Let’s embrace suffering as a God-ordained means for the accomplishment of the Great Commission. God does not just allow suffering, He ordains it. Our suffering in inevitable, but our mission is unstoppable.  
  • Let’s penetrate lostness through externally-focused, intentionally-faithful proclamation of the gospel.
  • Let’s not build our ministries on counting decisions, but on making disciples. We must call people to more than intellectual assent to Jesus.
  • Let’s lead and plant churches that not only go aggressively after spiritual needs, but also give sacrificially toward physical needs.
  • Let’s love the glory of God more than we love our own lives. Worship drives mission. Worship fuels mission.
  • Let’s fast and pray in desperate dependence upon the Holy Spirit. If God gave you everything today that you are asking for, what would you have?
  • Let’s commission brothers and sisters in the context of community.
  • Let’s trust that intentionally making disciples inevitably leads to multiplying churches. It’s not easy, but it is simple.
  • Let’s leave a legacy of disciple makers, church planters and pastors all across North America for the fame of God’s name.

 “Do not underestimate what our God will do when a church, a pastor, a planter is sold out to God, desperately dependent on God; actively making disciples,” said Platt.