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Petition Information: Same Sex Marriage

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Petition Information: Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage Update-March 12

Gov. Martin J. O'Malley sponsored this year's legislation on Same Sex Marriage and helped win its passage in the House and Senate. He signed the measure into law on March. 1, asserting that "the way forward" is found in "greater respect of the equal rights of all, for the human dignity of all."

The Maryland Marriage Alliance has filed a petition with the Maryland Board of Elections on Feb. 24 to be the official proponents of the referendum campaign against the same-sex marriage legislation. Its website will become the official site to obtain petitions for the referendum.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance will be working in churches, synagogues, mosques and other grass-roots organizations to promote the petition drive.

A word from the Maryland Marriage Alliance

Against the will of the overwhelming majority of the people of Maryland, the Legislature has voted to legalize same sex marriage. But the people of Maryland will have the final say on marriage as we have the right to referendum. Maryland Marriage Alliance has already filed to be the Official Referendum Proponents to allow the people to vote and restore marriage in Maryland.

We join together as members of many different races, creeds and colors, as leaders representing Maryland’s diverse communities of faith and those who practice no religion, and all those dedicated to the common good. We stand united to uphold marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and to express our opposition to any effort which would drastically redefine marriage in our state law as a union between any two persons.   Continue reading

To Get Your Petition click on link below: 

Maryland Marriage Alliance-Official Referendum Site To Allow Marylanders To Vote On The Gay Marriage Bill

Due to the strict guidelines pertaining to the procedures of Petition Verification and Signature Gathering in the state of Maryland, it is vital that you read both the Petition Verification Procedures & Petition Signature Gathering information supplied below. 

  1. State of Maryland Petition Verification Procedures
  2. State of Maryland Petition Signature Gathering FAQ
  3. State of Maryland Petition Verification FAQ
  4. State of Maryland Petition Introduction Process


Commonly asked questions on rules and information for voters.

  1. Rules and Information for Voters

Questions about your voter registration card signature or contact information?

  1. Contact the Maryland State Board of Elections

Note:  If you have difficulty in retrieving your petition from the Maryland Marriage Alliance site, contact Freddy Parker at fparker@bcmd.org or 443-878-3999 or Donna Shiflett at dshiflett@bcmd.org or 410-290-5290 x 226.