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What if you could discover one thing that if implemented or changed could immediately improve the health and effectiveness of your church and your ministry?

You are invited to be a part a special group of Senior Pastors who will train and learn together how to take advantage of all that God offers to help us lead His church. This coaching network, led by Emmanuel Church Pastor Vic Simpson, is not for everyone. It is for those who desire to be proactive, not reactive. It is one thing to bemoan all that is wrong in the church in general and in ours in particular. Quite honestly a great number of pastors are quite adept in complaining or even despairing over what is wrong. This coaching network is for those who want to dig in and go on an adventure of faith combined with practical learning to make things better; not leave things as they are.

The “Pastor’s Advantage Network” is built on two simple principles:

1. Church health is more important than church growth. All healthy things grow, but not all growing things are healthy. We are so desperate to grow that sometimes we unintentionally introduce growth that is not healthy. In this coaching network we will discover in practical ways that God builds (grows) His church.  Our job is to nourish and protect the flock so it can grow in healthy ways. We will learn that all healthy churches are growing churches but not all growing churches are healthy churches.

2. A church cannot surpass the health of the pastor who leads it. There is an amazing and undeniable correlation between the health of the pastor and the health of the church. Many times hidden spiritual and emotional issues in the life of the pastor and in the church converge in very toxic ways. The vital key to leading a healthy church is to become a healthy pastor.  

"I learned this the hard way several years ago when I almost burned myself out and began to experience bitterness and anger that I did not understand toward the very people God had called me to lead. In my darkest hour God gave me one simple directive: “Model health.” Since that time I am on an ongoing adventure to understand what true health is and how to implement it in my life before expecting it from others. Amazingly, the healthier I have become the healthier the church I lead has become. I want to share what God is teaching me so that you can experience the same." -- Vic Simpson

This coaching process is not a program or theory espoused in a book. What Simpson will share with you has been forged in the crucible of real life experience. One distinction of this coaching network is that he not only will share with you things he has learned that will help; he will also share many of the very dumb and self-destructive things he has done that you should never do – do not even think about doing!

What is keeping you from taking advantage of every opportunity to maximize your ministry?

How will it work?

This network will meet once a month on Friday from 10am to 3pm for eight months.

The topics will include:

  • What is a healthy pastor?
  • What is a healthy church?
  • How to cast vision for health and effectiveness.
  • Criticism: How to endure and grow from it.
  • Building a healthy leadership team.
  • How to effectively confront unhealthy church members and leaders.
  • How to constantly evaluate and improve the health and effectiveness of your church.
  • How good health honors God and attracts others to your church.
  • Setting Priorities: You can’t do it all at once, so what should you do first?

Monthly assignments include:

  • Assigned reading and discussion based on the upcoming topic
  • A time to celebrate the good things God is doing in our churches and explore how to build on the good that God is doing.
  • A time to share your pressure points (areas where you feel stuck and need others in the network to think and pray with you about how to get “unstuck").

Between sessions each month, Simpson will be available by cell phone and text to answer questions and address concerns that cannot wait.

We will all be learning from each other. God has given you insights and experience that can positively impact others in the network. Iron does sharpen iron!

The dates set aside for this network are:

  • September 16

  • October 21

  • November 18

  • December 16

  • January 20

  • February 17

  • March 17

  • April 21


To be determined


The cost is $80 per month. If you pay upfront for all nine sessions, the total is $560 (you get one month free by paying in advance.)

What is required:

Three commitments that will be expected from each network participant:

1. You must consistently attend. Hit and miss attendance by one will diminish the effectiveness of the network for all. Emergencies do come up and that is understood. However, if a participant misses more than two meetings or more for non-emergency reasons, they will be dismissed from the network. An emergency is the death of a relative or being in bed with the flu. It is not, “Gee, I decided to schedule a revival and cannot make it.”

2. You must carefully guard what is shared in the network. What is shared in the network stays in the network. At times we may be sharing about things in our churches that are very sensitive and confidential. If that confidence is broken the offender will be dismissed from the network.

3. You must financially commit. There are two reasons for a financial commitment. First, Simpson takes this seriously and will be spending a large amount of time between sessions to prepare and collect resources to share with you that are very valuable. He wants you to have the best of the best when we meet each month.

Second, many people, and even some pastors do not seem to respect what they do not pay for. Jesus told us that our money and our hearts follow each other. Simpson wants your heart to be in this network. If you have valid financial difficulties he will work with you to find a way to make the network affordable for you.