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Living Faith Ministries is a one-on-one, reproducible discipling ministry led by Steve & Carol Adkins. Steve and Carol are members of Soul Discovery Church in Salisbury and are both natives of the Shore. Steve was a CPA before becoming a pastor. He subsequently served with a one-on-one ministry under the umbrella of Campus Crusade for Christ, with whom he and Carol served as missionaries before launching Living Faith Ministries. Steve has led discipleship ministries internationally and he/Carol now focus their attention on a center ? out model (starting with the pastor and moving out through the congregation)… a model that deepens relationships, sharpens habits, intentionally reaches out to others, and increases knowledge of basic tenants of the faith.

The approach Steve/Carol champion uses one-on-one mentoring to explore twenty different big rock issues for Christ-followers. These include issues such as your identity in Christ, characteristics of God, discerning God’s will, and living with a passion for Christ’s great commission. The approach is intentionally slower, holistic, and person-centered. The goals include spiritual multiplication, intentional evangelism, and personal discipling. You can email Steve/Carol directly or check out the Living Faith Ministries web page:

Steve and Carol are self-supported missionaries, following God’s call to assist local churches to develop one-on-one discipling ministries. If, after exploring the use of this model in your Church, we can help you to covenant with Living Faith Ministries for a season, email me, Randy Millwood (my contact info is in the sidebar).