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October 2010 Newsletter - New on E-quip

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October 2010 Newsletter - New on E-quip

Check out these new training presentations that have been recently added to bcmd.e-quip.net.


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1. Nadejda wrote:
The Presuppositional Elephant in the Room (if you ask me)For someone wihutot a well trained eye for the ultimate presuppositions in play here, it might seem that Darron has embarrassingly outwitted us (and maybe he has). But there is one thing which seems to have been overlooked in this whole discussion. Your main points (propositions) seem to me to be your most vulnerable points once the presuppositional elephant in the room wakes up and blows the trunk trumpet. Here are your main points as I understand them: 1) “any presupposition used in a scientific theory must be falsifiable (testably disprovable),” 2) anything less than proposition one is “not good science”, 3) science method only allows for the use of “presuppositions … based on observable, repeatable, and testable evidence,” (the flip side perhaps of proposition one), 4) proposition three makes science faithless as opposed to Christianity. It seems to me that the scientific theory itself, however, does not start from presuppositional scratch. It takes advantage of the laws of logic. The law on non-contradiction. The laws of uniformity. The laws of inference. These laws are more fundamental than the scientific method itself. These are the living cells, if you will, which make the organism of the scientific method a living thing. But are these laws falsifiable? How would you falsify them wihutot first assuming them? Since the scientific method makes plenty use of them, where is the “observable, repeatable, and testable evidence” for them?

Sun, July 1, 2012 @ 6:53 PM

2. avnvfhiswu wrote:
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Wed, July 4, 2012 @ 12:37 AM

3. Beverly wrote:
Seminary education for lay pelope that aims for maximum Bible instructionI get the same education from that I paid to recieve at Union University. That is not to knock Union but to edify the church. The Church in America, generally speaking, abdicated their role some time ago to the academic institution which has led to shallow christians . Utlizing Sunday School for topical doctrinal/ethics teaching compliments the expository proclamation of the scriptures and gospel from the pulpit. I am not trying to be dogmatic and say that this is the only way, I am just saying it is beneficial and is a way in which we strive to teach the Bible alongside our preaching of the Bible making the most of our corporate meetings.j razzj razzs last blog post..

Sat, October 6, 2012 @ 5:38 PM

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