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New Day in Race Relations

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What is New Day in Race Relations?

New Day in Race Relations is a dedicated group of Anglo and African American pastors from throughout the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware whose mission together is to create a new day of spiritual unity and cultural understanding between blacks and whites through the shared Christian values of respect, trust, and love; modeling these values individually and corporately by overcoming ignorance and fear, by confronting issues of poverty and power, and by recognizing, engaging and celebrating our difference.

To join in the conversation, visit newdayinracerelations.com.

We Have a Dream:

On October 9, black believers and white believers gathered at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C., for a brief time of prayer and commitment. 

They then gathered at Washington, D.C.'s First Rock Baptist Church for a vibrant celebration of each church's diversity and the commitment to promoting a new day in race relations.