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Bill ArcherWe are glad that you have found us at the Music/Worship site of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware. Our heartbeat is to partner with churches assisting them to accomplish their mission in the area of music and worship. Our passion is to see all of God's creation worshiping their Creator out of a passionate relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

Please look over our Events, Ministries and Resource Links designed to facilitate worship and ministry within your church. If we can be of any assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me at barcher@bcmd.org.

We are...

Created to Worship ---> Purposed for Ministry ---> Partnered with Churches

Instrumental Festival Photographs from October 13, 2012

Camp Kirkland, an internationally known composer and arranger from Nashville, worked with the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware orchestra during the Oct. 13 Instrumental Festival at South Columbia Baptist Church. Forty-five musicians from 12 churches took part in the Festival.

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