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Ministry Area
M. Knox/ 410-960-9500
G. Noda/ 218
E. Udovich/ 216
N. Taylor 226
African American Church Development

G. Noda/ 218
African American Church Planting
C. Redding/ 222

G. Noda/ 218
Annual Church Profile
I. White/ 245
Asian People Groups/ Language Missions
R. Kim/ 228
c. Redding/ 222
BaptistLIFE (Managing Editor)
I. White/ 245

BaptistLIFE (Design Editor/ National Correspondent/ Photographer)
S. Baker/ 266
BaptistLIFE (BCM/D Correspondent/ Staff Writer)
S. Mager/ 251
J. Holland/ 233
G. Noda/ 218
Bivocational Pastors
N. Taylor/ 226
Church Administration

G. Noda/ 218
Church Architecture

D. Jefferys/ 202
Church Conflict Resolution

G. Noda/ 218
Church Loans
T. Stolle/ 207
M. Painter/ 204
Church Minister Relations

G. Noda/ 218
N. Taylor/226
Children's Ministry
J. Holland/ 233
G. Noda/ 218
Church Planter's Spouses/ FamiliesM. Crawford/ 225
C. Redding/ 222
Church MultiplicationM. Crawford/ 225
C. Redding/ 222
Church Multiplication (Hispanic)
R. Castro/ 221
Z. Acuna/ 259
Church Weekday EducationJ. Holland/ 233G. Noda/ 218
Collegiate EvangelismM. McQuitty/ 224N. Taylor/226
CommunicationS. Baker/ 266 
Cooperative ProgramT. Stolle/ 207M. Painter/ 204

D. Jefferys/ 202
Deaf Ministries
Discipleship Programs (Spiritual Dev.)
R. Millwood/ 217A. Millwood/ 219
Disaster ReliefE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor/ 226
bcmd.e-quip.netR. Millwood/ 217S. Baker/ 266
English As a Second LanguageE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor/ 226
EvangelismD. DuBois/ 235N. Taylor/226
FAITHJ. Holland/ 233G. Noda/ 218
Financial and LegalT. Stolle/ 207M. Painter/ 204
Girls in ActionM. Knox/ 410-960-9500
G. Noda/ 218
Graphic DesignS. Baker/ 266 
Hispanic Church DevelopmentR. Castro/ 221
Z. Acuna/ 259
History M. Painter/ 204

G. Noda/ 218
Language ChurchesR. Castro/ 221
Z. Acuna/ 259
Lay MobilizationE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor 226
Literacy/ ESLE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor/ 226
Love LoudMissionaryE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor/ 226
Men's MinistryVACANT
N. Taylor/ 226
Minister's Compensation IssuesT. Stolle/ 207M. Painter/ 204
Minister's Family Coordinator
D. Jefferys/ 202
Minister's Counseling and SupportT. Rodgerson/ 210 
Minister's Wives and Families

D. Jefferys/ 202
Ministry EvangelismE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor/ 226
Missional Church LeadershipR. Millwood/ 217A. Millwood/ 219
MissionsD. DuBois/ 235
N. Taylor/ 226
Mission EducationM. Knox/ 410-960-9500
G. Noda/ 218
Mission FriendsM. Knox/ 410-960-9500
G. Noda/ 218
Music Ministers/ Church RelationsP. Gifford/ 214
G. Noda/ 218
New MediaS. Baker/ 266 
On Mission CelebrationM. Knox/ 410-960-9500
G. Noda/ 218
Parent Church NetworkM. Crawford/ 225
/ 222
Planned Giving
M. Painter/ 204
PovertyE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor/ 226

N. Taylor/ 226
Preschool MinistryJ. Holland/ 233G. Noda/ 218
Public RelationsS. Baker/ 266 
Royal Ambassador's

N. Taylor/ 226
Seminary ExtensionR. Millwood/ 217A. Millwood/ 219
Senior AdultsE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor/ 226
Servant Evangelism

N. Taylor/ 226
Small GroupsR. Millwood/ 217A. Millwood/ 219
Spiritual FormationR. Millwood/ 217A Millwood/ 219
StewardshipT. Stolle/ 107M. Painter/ 204
Student EvangelismD. DuBois/ 235
N. Taylor/ 226
Summer Missions N. Taylor/ 226
Sunday SchoolJ. Holland/ 233G. Noda/ 218
TreasurersT. Stolle/ 207M. Painter/ 204
Vacation Bible SchoolJ. Holland/ 233G. Noda/ 218
Volunteer MinistryE. Udovich/ 216N. Taylor/ 226
WMUM. Knox/ 410-960-9500G. Noda/ 218
Women's MinistryM. Knox/ 410-960-9500G. Noda/ 218
Youth MinistryD. DuBois/ 235N. Taylor/ 226