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LYN-SC Children's Bible Study 13 Wk #710-10

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  • LYN-SC Children's Bible Study 13 Wk #710-10

LYN-SC Children's Bible Study 13 Wk #710-10

LYN-SC Evangelism Strategy



Thirteen Sunday School lessons for children that coordinate with Love Your Neighbor - Share Christ.

Purpose: To help children discover the meaning of living a life in keeping with the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

Schedule: Each lesson has three sections as listed below. Each section is preceded by a Prepare list.

Introduce the Lesson: 5-10 minutes

Teach the Bible: 25-30 minutes

Apply the Lesson: 20-25 minutes

Teacher, Practice the Lesson This Week


Each lesson is designed for one hour, however activities can be adjusted to add or delete fifteen minutes from each session.

The lesson is designed for children grades four through six; however, there are some options for groups that have younger children.

If your group is large, form small groups of four to seven for the Introduce the Lesson and Apply the Lesson sections. Each group should have an adult leader.

There are two suggestions in the Apply the Lesson section. You may choose to have all the children do one activity or you may have more than one group and use both activities.

The "Teacher, Practice the Lesson This Week" section give teachers a suggested way to carry out the theme of the lesson through the week.

The printed verses and Bible passages are form the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation, however, you may use the translation of your choice. All activities are translation neutral and can be used with the translation of your choice.

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1: Listen to Jesus

Lesson 2: How to Pray

Lesson 3: Prayer for Others

Lesson 4: Sharing Christ Through Friendship

Lesson 5: Share Christ by Serving Others

Lesson 6: Know Jesus

Lesson 7: Sharing Jesus

Lesson 8: Love Others

Lesson 9:  Encourage Others

Lesson 10:  Seeing as Jesus Saw

Lesson 11:  Feeling as Jesus Felt

Lesson 12:  Being Used By God

Lesson 13:  Setting Goals