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Lifetogether Produces Breakthrough New Curriculum Format Couple

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Lifetogether Produces Breakthrough New Curriculum Format Couple

Lifetogether Produces Breakthrough New Curriculum Format For Couples and Churches from some of America's Favorite Authors

We have just completed a nationwide road trip from New York to California and from Houston to Seattle shooting 6 Bestselling Authors and their wives right in their own living room in some cases. In a new "unplugged" conversational interview format each couple spoke honestly about the challenges and strategies in creating a lasting intimate marriage for a lifetime.

In a very up close and personal interview format each couple spoke about the success and struggles both of marriage, parenting, communication, dating your spouse, romance, spiritual growth, conflict, intimacy and so much more. All through their own experience and personal journey.  Better Together is one of the most aggressive projects we ever produced. Some of the interviews included conversations with Chip and Theresa Ingram, Lysa and Art Terquerst, Les and Leslie Parrott, John and Stasi Eldredge, Gordon and Gail MacDonald, and several other amazing couples.

We are very excited and proud of this amazing new series. However, in the process of producing this new project for the publisher I think we came up with a new way to produce a senior pastor and their spouse in a conversational story telling format that comes across much more powerfully than the typical direct to camera talking head format.  I have produced hundreds of series with pastors and church leaders teaching in a small group format and there are many new dynamics that are different than a weekend sermon.

Most people know the pastor's spouse is certainly the second most influential person in any congregation.  Certainly more than most of the pastoral staff and even some of the most tenured elders and board members especially over time.  Everybody wants to know the heart and mind of the spouse of any church.  But the truth is spouses of senior pastors typically don't have the desire for the limelight, they are solid but many time more introverted and typically they don't have the strength of teaching or communication gifts as the pastor.   That said, this format is perfect and works for those that do have teaching gifts but especially for those that are more reluctant to jump on the main stage.

Each of these were shot in the comfort of their own homes where the spouse was especially comfortable and with a production that was plenty good and not too intimidating to the most reluctant spouse.  But as they say behind every amazing man or woman is an amazing spouse.  And did this ever work. When folks like you see this new format matched with a weekend sermon series taught by the senior pastor everybody will want to study this new series.  And did I say that the felt need topic of marriage and parenting is always in the top 10 series for small group curriculum.  Need I say more? Fun to talk about for a new year, spring or even fall series 2013.

Lessons for Church Leaders:

Using media in a strategic way can be extremely powerful.  Here are 3 key learnings:

1. Get ordinary people to share extraordinary circumstances on video and share this with your church.

2. Remember that spouses of pastors have a lot to say.  The pastors wife is the second most influential person at the church.

3.  Authenticity motivates people. "Give a picture to the principles" in a practical, authentic way.