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Steps to Becoming a Strategic Missional Church

A partnering church works with a missionary on the field. An engaging church works to reach a people group with no missionary presence. Partnering and engaging are terms used by the West Africa region, www.gowestafrica.org. Other regions may use different terminology. 

These are the typical steps in the process of becoming a partnering or engaging church:
  1. Pray for God's passion for the lost and His guidance in the process of deciding to become a partnering or engaging church. Check out people group profiles and prayerfully select a people group. Some things to consider are:
    a. Connections: Does your church already have connections to a particular country?
    b. Country: is your church interested in a particular country?
    c. Popluation: Does your church prefer a gorup of a particular size?
    d. Religion: Does your church want to work with a Muslim people or those who follow another specific religion?
    e. Resources: Are there Scripture translations into the people's primary language? How about Gospel recordings in their language? Do the people speak a market/trade language that has translation work already done? If you want to become a partnering church, does your church body have specific skills or gifts that match the strategic needs of the missionary team?
    f. Access: Are you willing to travel to remote, hard-to-reach places, or do you prefer a people group that's closer to a city?
  2. Get connected directly with missionaries on the field. They can answer your questions and guide your church to a people group that's right for you. Call Church Servicea at (877) 462-4721 to get connected to the field.
  3. Send a team of 3-5 church members on a vision trip to the region where you feel called. If you haven't yet selected a people group a vision trip provides an opportunity to investigate several groups in an area. If you have already selected your people group, use the vision trip to learn about the people, explore ministry opportunites and begin making strategic plans.
  4. Report the findings of the vision team to your church.
  5. Corporately commit as a church body to move forward with the task of becoming a partnering or engaging church. A Church-wide event celebrating the commitment can create excitement and momentum.
  6. Form a Leadership Team, enlisting a " captain" or "champion" to provide direction and vision.
  7. Build a prayer network that will support each stage of the process.
  8. Partnering churches will develop ministry goals with the missionary team on the field. Engaging churches will develop a master plan with guidance from an Engagement Team missionary on the field.
  9. Send teams to the field to implement strategies (ideally a minimum of 4-6 times per year).
  10. Mobilize your entire church to be involved in the process. Even those who don't go to the field can learn about your people group, pray and provide other support.
  11. Keep missionaries in the region informed of your church's work.
  12. Include periodic evaluations to consider any necessary adjustments to your master plan.

Questions? Ready to take that next step?

Call your mobilization specialist (877) 462-4721