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How to Prepare for a ESL Workshop

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How to Prepare for a ESL Workshop

Here are some suggestions for completing these tasks:

1. Determine which literacy missions workshop you need. The training for each literacy missions ministry is different. 

The ministries are:

Conversational English (CE) - English-as-a-second-language (ESL) classes primarily for foreign-born, non-English-speaking people.

Adult Reading and Writing (ARW) - for low level readers or nonreaders who can speak English.

Tutoring Children and Youth (TCY) - tutoring help for children and youth currently enrolled in school.

If you are uncertain of the specific need in your community, use the "Local Church Literacy Missions Needs Survey" (product number web.lit.2) available in the NAMB on-line resource library.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The basic workshops do not equip participants to teach teachers or to lead workshops. They do prepare participants to work with literacy students and to begin ministries.

2. Obtain church or associational approval.

Meet with appropriate church or associational staff and tell them about your desire to begin the ministry. Make certain you have their approval before you begin the ministry.

Determine which church or associational organization the literacy missions ministry will relate to - Missions Development Council, Woman's Missionary Union (WMU), education ministry, etc.

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