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His Heart - His Hands - His Voice

"If we want to enjoy His presence, we have to go where His heart is.  God's heart is for the lost world.  We believe if that's God's heart, that's our heart, and that becomes our passion.  Michael Cloer, pastor Englewood Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, N.C.

"Being God's heart is about having the compassion that Jesus had...I see a people thousands of miles away...they have no one in their life showing them that God cares."  Chris Jenkins, pastor Unity Baptist Church, Prince George, Va.

"What drives passion for unreached peoples is not guilt.  It's glory - glory for a King, for a King who deserves the praise of every people group on the planet."  David Platt, pastor The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, Ala.

"To reach an unreached people group is - at its core - the biblical mandate that we embrace as Southern Baptists and have embraced from our initiation as Southern Baptist."  Eric Thomas, pastor First Baptist Church, Norfolk, Va.

Embrace the ends of the earth

  • 3,800 unengaged, unreached people groups - which one will your church embrace?
  • Embracing them will involve a commitment to a sustained, effective church-planting strategy.
  • Will you lead your church to do whatever it takes to embrace them?

For the next steps, go to call2embrace.org