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Partners in the Harvest

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Partners in the Harvest is an effort to develop partnerships between churches in the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware. 

The partnerships would be reciprocal and ministry based.  They would be as narrow or as broad as the partnering churches would desire.

Partners in the Harvest recognizes that the effort to impact the lives of the millions of people in Maryland and Delaware with the Good News of our Lord is an enormous task. 

A task that is too large for any one church.  Therefore, to fulfill the task that God has given us, "Partners in the Harvest" is our effort to help BCM/D churches connect with each other in a partnership relationship within Maryland and Delaware.

We hope that your church will be willing to participate in "Partners in the Harvest"

First Steps: 

  • It is our hope that the partnerships would serve as an opportunity for churches to encourage one another as each seeks to minister in its local community and within our states.
  • Please view the accompanying Covenant Agreement to see some possible first steps (you can shape this agreement to fit your specific needs).
  • To indicate your interest in participating, please fill out the registration form provided below. If you are already partnering with a church within the BCM/D you will see a place to list that on the form. 
  • If you do not have an existing partnership we would be glad to help you find a partner in Maryland and Delaware.