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Guatemala kidnapping, Teen MK sees World Differently

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Guatemala kidnapping, Teen MK sees World Differently

After Guatemala kidnapping, teen MK sees world differently

4/12/2012 By Jennifer Waldrep

65GUATEMALA CITY—Bethani Thomas opened the gate so her mom could pull their car into the guesthouse driveway. Suddenly, she realized there was a gun pointed at her head.

Her mom, International Mission Board missionary Karen Thomas, screamed from the driver’s seat as she scuffled with another assailant trying to steal the car. Bethani, then 13, bolted toward the vehicle to try to help.

“Mom, it’s gonna be OK. God is with us,” said Bethani, scrambling into the vehicle with the gunman following her.

As Karen tried to fight off the carjacker, he shoved her out the door. The vehicle — with Bethani and the thugs inside — peeled away as Karen crumpled onto the concrete.

“They’ve got my daughter!” Karen screamed.  Read Full Article