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God Has Changed - Really?

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God Has Changed - Really?

By Rev. Daniel Howard, Senior Pastor of Bayside Baptist Church, Chesapeake Beach, Md. 


I have a teenage son and daughter living in my home. Often times I hear the words really, really, really? This is my children’s way of asking me, “Dad, do you really want me to accept this?”


I found myself saying those same words after reading the August 24, 2011, article written by the Rev. J. Carl Gregg. According to Rev. Gregg’s article, God has changed with the times and accepts the practice of homosexuality.


Rev. Gregg uses the term “process theology.” Apparently this means that God has changed over time and God has come to the conclusion that the practice of homosexuality is acceptable, and gay marriage is to be celebrated. I have three areas of concern with this belief.  Full article