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God at work on local University Campuses

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God at work on local University Campuses

Last fall several BCM/D collegiate ministry directors covenanted they would - with God's help - share the gospel with 1,500 people before the end of May. To date, these ministry leaders have made over 1,600 one-on-one gospel presentations to students on their campuses, as well as, making over 450 presentations on overseas mission trips. At present the results reflect that 39 students in Maryland/Delaware have made decisions to follow Christ and are being connected to local churches.

Because the decision to accept Christ and Savior is only the first step in a lifetime journey of following Christ, Baptist campus ministries in Maryland and Delaware have also focused this year on the process of one-on-one discipleship, as well as, more traditional small group Bible study. So far this school year, 232 students have been actively involved in individual discipleship. Many of those being discipled are now -  in turn -  discipling others.

Jen, a student leader at Towson University, began taking another student out with her to practice sharing her faith. "At first she was against it, then hesitant, and now she wants to go every time we meet each week. She says her eyes have been opened to such a great need of explaining the truth of the Gospel to people on this campus."

Pray for our collegiate ministry leaders as they share the gospel on their campuses and teach others to do likewise. Pray for the young disciples who are learning to reach and disciple others. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to soften hearts, open doors and prepare the way for the Gospel.

For more information on Maryland/Delaware collegiate evangelism, contact Mike McQuitty at mmcquitty@bcmd.org