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God at work in Annapolis

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God at work in Annapolis

Midshipman says mission trip to India refocused him on the things of God

by Shannon Baker

Midshipman First Class Spencer Ewing, a senior mechanical engineering student from Dallas, Texas, looked for a college experience that offered well-rounded processional development, practical skills training and exciting career potential.

The U.S. Naval Academy offered all this and much more. Though the first thing he encountered at the Academy was the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM), Ewing admits his faith wasn't always his focus.

"My first two years were kinda intermittent. It was sometimes hard to figure out my priorities," he said, acknowledging his faith was often weak in the transition from the faith of the community to the faith of his own.

Yet, it was on a BCM-sponsored mission trip to India where Ewing's faith became alive. Since that time, he's seen many fellow midshipmen, like him, grow in their beliefs and in their purpose and desire to share Christ with others.

He said, "I love working with my family now-my family of Christ!"