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GCR Task Force releases progress report to SBC Executive Committee

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GCR Task Force releases progress report to SBC Executive Committee

Read the full report on Baptist Press

Reporting to the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee, the Global Commission Resurgence (GCR) task force proposed six components as part of their vision for the future of the Southern Baptist Convention. A brief review of each recommendation is listed below:

  • Component #1: Rally Towards a Missional Vision

    Ask Southern Baptists to "rally towards a clear and compelling missional vision and begin to conduct ourselves with core values that will create a new and healthy culture within the Southern Baptist Convention."

    This missional vision is defined: "As a convention of churches, our missional vision is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in the world and to make disciples of all the nations."

  • Component #2: Reinvent and release the North American Mission Board (NAMB)

    Begin to prioritize NAMB efforts with an emphasis on Church Planting and under-reached cities, while simultaneously allowing NAMB to budget for a national strategy by releasing them from Cooperative Budgets with state conventions over a four year period.

  • Component #3: Extend International Mission Board (IMB) reach within America

    The task force requests that Southern Baptists allow IMB to reach under-served people groups within America.

  • Component #4: Move the role of Cooperative Program promotion and stewardship education to the state conventions

    GCR task force proposes giving primary responsibility for promotion of Cooperative Program giving and education on stewardship to the state conventions.

  • Component #5: A move towards "Great Commission Giving"

    A recommendation asking churches to reaffirm their Cooperative Program giving and to consider giving designated gifts directly to SBC causes at the local, state, and national/international level.

  • Component #6: Give a higher percentage of Cooperative Program funds to the International Mission Board

    The task force suggests 51% of Cooperative Program gifts go to the International Mission Board, which would mark the first time ever more than half of gifts from SBC churches goes to "reaching the nations."

The final report of the GCR task force will be released on Monday, May 3rd.

Please visit the BaptistPress article to view the full GCR task force report