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Fixing A New Generation Gap

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Fixing A New Generation Gap

As we sit at our table in Redd's Diner, we want to look at some basic facts as we review some statistics in regard to boomers.

The first of the "baby boom" generation are now turning 65 at the rate of 8,000 a day.

They are the healthiest, best educated and wealthiest in the nation's history.

As we celebrate their vitality we discover that they are a generation that;


  • Loves the Beatles and Springsteen.
  • Crusaded to end a war and stop the spread of "nukes."
  • Powered a new technology explosion.
  • Fueled the feminist movement.
  • Joined the battle for civil rights.

However, according to Jim Toedtman, Editor of the AARP Bulletin, there are challenges facing these Boomers who have saved too little, eaten too much and borrowed beyond their means.

It is not a fight among generations; it is a family working through the process.

In my estimation the problems that our society is experiencing were not caused by any single generation, nor can any single generation solve the problem.  It is not a fight among generations; it is a family working through the process.

According to a leading real estate firm, due to the 2010 real estate cost, more home buyers were looking for multi-generational homes.  With that statistic in mind, my thoughts in regard to ministry with or through the Encore Generation becomes my focus.

"Wake up son or daughter, I am still able to be erect each day."

A ministry to older adults implies that older adults are passive receivers in the relationship.

There is the thought that you give me something because I am too old to contribute anything in ministry.  My response, "wake up son or daughter I am still able to be erect each day."

A ministry with or through older adults is a ministry that all generations do together.  That way everyone in the family of God is serving together.

"Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve."

What churches fail to recognize in many cases is the potential to grow a church by growing the number of senior adults (one of the largest unchurched people groups) who comprise over 20% of our population.

Christian Boomers Characteristics

As we leave this session we shall look at some characteristics evident in Boomers commitment to ministry discovered and provided to us in a recent LifeWay "think-tank."

  1. Active Christian boomers love the Lord and their church.  They want to continue to be involved, lead and/or serve.
  2. They see the church, para-church ministries as platforms for investing their skills and expertise in service that will make a difference.
  3. Their dollars will follow their heart.  They may tend to do more designated giving for ministries that become close to their interests.
  4. Conflict in the church could cause them to leave permanently.
  5. Their attendance may be sporadic, interrupted by impromptu activities with grandchildren, short trips, vacations or illness.

*   *   *   *

At our next time together I look forward in speaking to you more about these characteristics, as well as,  see what impact tomorrow's church can make on the Boomers,and the Builders generation (which is my generation).

Go and serve, Lou