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Finding Courage To Cross The Street

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Finding Courage To Cross The Street

By Janet Chismar

Pastors who attended a training session this month at The Cove were just as excited as one NOrth Carolina woman about the value My Hope places on relationships and reaching those who live just across the street.

Margaret Thompson has followed Christ with a fervent passion since she was 16. Now 27, the North Carolina mother of two finds that passion waning.

"I feel bottled up," she said after attending her local worship service. "Other than going to church, I am at home all the time with the kids and never have a chance to talk about my faith with an adult."

Although she lives in a large apartment complex in a suburb of Charlotte, she seldom interacts with her neighbors. "Frankly," she admitted, "I am afraid. I just don't know how to witness."  Click to continue to full article