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Exploring Great Commission Living #710-01

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Exploring Great Commission Living #710-01

LYN-SC Evangelism Strategy



Exploring Great Commission Living is a 50 day/seven-week/eight-Sunday Series centered around the expressions of a Great Commandment/Great Commission church as described in Love Your Neigh-Share Christ. The 50 days include eight (8) sermons matched with eight (8) Sunday School lessons for an all-church focus over seven weeks. Sunday #1 begins the first week. Sunday #8 ends the seventh week - 50 days.

The Eight Sermons and Eight Sunday School/Small Group Lessons center around the Six Expressions of a Great Commandment - Great Commission Church.

  • The Core - The Foundation (Great Commandment - Love God) The Great Commission - Love People by Sharing Christ
  • Pray for the Lost
  • Interact with, Enjoy, and Serve the Lost
  • Evangelism Training/how-to's
  • Friendly-Up the Church
  • Bridging and Harvesting Efforts and/or Events
  • Connecting and Deploying Disciples
  • A Wrap up challenge of applying the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in all Six Expressions

There are Eight Sermon Outlines and Eight Sunday School Lessons available to help the pastor and the local church walk through these fifty days of "Great Commission Living." Here are some examples of possible Sermon/Sunday School Lesson titles/ideas.

  • Week 1 - The Great Connections - (with God, with others, with prayer - Great Commandment, Great Commission, Great Connection).
  • Week 2 - Let Us Pray - Ways to Pray for the Lost We Know
  • Week 3 - Let Me Help - Ways to Love and Serve those Lost around us
  • Week 4 - My Story - How to share the Gospel with others
  • Week 5 - How Friends Act - (and how that friendship looks in a church setting, church meetings, church life)
  • Week 6 - Building Bridges - Ways to Connect individually, as a church, within the community
  • Week 7 - Tell the World - The Baptism Connection, The Disciple on the Go
  • Week 8 - Staying on the Journey - Six Expressions that Never Grow Old


The issue is the central message within each expression of the Great Commandment/Great Commission. It is vital to note that this in not a temporary one time "program," but a proves that continues - until the end of the age since it embodies New Testament Christianity.