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Excitement Growing for My Hope with Billy Graham

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Excitement Growing for My Hope with Billy Graham

By Janet Chismar

"Real life sharing and friendship-building is exactly what needs to be happening right now at the grassroots level all across our nation, " said Preston Parrish, vice president of My Hope with Billy Graham.

Every morning when Gary stops at his corner Starbucks, he takes time to engage the barista in conversation, listening to the young man lament about his nonexistent love life.

A few blocks away, his wife Sarah is talking to their daughter's soccer coach who is struggle to care for her elderly mother and two young kids.

Later that night, Gary and Sarah pray for these two people and commit to invite them to their home in early November 2013 for dinner and a broadcast featuring a new Gospel presentation from Billy Graham, classic footage, riveting testimonies and special music.

Known as My Hope with Billy Graham, the broadcast is just one part of an effort comprised of prayer, training for evangelism, hospitality and follow-up by local churches.  Click to continue to full article