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To Love People is to Share Christ with Them.

The most loving thing a person can do toward another person is to share Christ. In fact, love without sharing Christ is not complete love. Sharing Christ involves both living like Christ and sharing Christ.

  • Evangelism is Engagement: Evangelism begins with engagement. We engage the Holy Spirit through prayer as we ask God to lead us to lost people and reveal truth. We then engage people without Christ with a genuine spirit of love in attitude, words and actions.  
  • Evangelism is Preparation: Preparations are a significant part of loving people toward Christ. They have both a personal component and a relational component. Through evangelism training we are prepared to share the gospel individually. We also need to be sure that as lost people watch us live out our faith in a small group or in the church they are able to see Christ in us, by how we love and relate well to one another. 
  • Evangelism is Connection: As we engage and become prepared we will want to connect our lost friends to other followers of Christ, to a local church, and ultimately to a new life in Christ. As they trust Christ, we need to celebrate in significant ways with them and assist them in sharing their new found faith with several people they love dearly and help them to grow in Christ.

Developing an Evangelism Strategy 

Each church expresses love and evangelism in different ways.  Developing an evangelism strategy will provide a framework from which your church can determine how best to move the gospel of Jesus Christ forward in your ministry and mission field.

Love Your Neighbor/Share Christ (LYN) is a proven evangelism strategy that helps develop an evangelistic climate in your church and the vital roles ministry leaders play in that development. It covers 6 Expressions of love and evangelism that are essential for a church to have a healthy approach to advancing God's Kingdom. It also includes continuing steps and resources that are available for you and your church as you seek God and develop your church's expression of loving the lost.  You can access the LYN Strategy below.  

      LYNSC Strategy   Ministry Evangelism         LoveLoud           Servant Evangelism         Resources

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  • Internet Evangelism Day

    Internet Evangelism Day (IED) is an annual day of focus (scheduled for June 1) where churches, ministries and individual Christians are encouraged to investigate the many options for sharing the good news online, either on that particular Sunday or any time during the year.  Digital media has transformed the world in the last 15 years. We have entered a new ‘digital communication culture’ where all the rules for effective communication have changed. Even offline!

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