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ESL Holiday Discussion

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ESL Holiday Discussion

In order to gain access and credibility among our community, I teach conversational ESL in a village about 45 minutes away from our home.  Each time we meet, we discuss a different topic—sports, advertising, movies, or the environment—in an effort to improve the students’ vocabulary and conversational ability.  This week’s lesson was on holidays, a lesson I had been intentionally saving for the Christmas/New Year’s season.

As I began, we listed several American and local holidays and when the occur throughout the year.  After asking students which holidays were their favorite, I began to ask why each holiday was important.  I allowed them to explain to me the origin of the Kurban Bayram (their sacrifice holiday that recently passed), and then explained that the same story occurred, with some variation, in the Bible.  We then went on to talk about the reason behind other holidays, such as New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.  I had more students than usual tonight, and being 13 to 15-year-olds they were getting pretty rowdy.

Moving through the calendar year, I asked them why Easter was important and quickly found...click to read full article