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Ends of the Earth

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Going to “the uttermost part” of the earth takes more commitment and more preparation. Yet more international travel takes place today than ever.
  • If your church desires a more direct role on the international scene, we can help. 
  • Whether few or many plan to go, we would like to assist as you prepare.
  • When you wonder what awaits ahead, we can often put you in touch with believers who have firsthand knowledge of things you want to know.

We help churches prepare for their part of the uttermost part.

Servant Evangelism -  is a component of Ministry Evangelism which centers around a one time touch or project that focuses on meeting the immediate need of those facing hardships.

Your evangelism team is here to help provide you and your churches with outreach ideas and resources to help you get started in meeting the immediate needs of those that God has placed in your communities.