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Going to “the uttermost part” of the earth takes more commitment and more preparation. Yet more international travel takes place today than ever.
  • If your church desires a more direct role on the international scene, we can help. 
  • Whether few or many plan to go, we would like to assist as you prepare.
  • When you wonder what awaits ahead, we can often put you in touch with believers who have firsthand knowledge of things you want to know.

We help churches prepare for their part of the uttermost part.

Servant Evangelism:  Are you ready to Take the Acts 1:8 Challenge?  Are you ready to grow your community impact within walking, driving and flying distances? Let's take this challenge together and reach our communities for Christ!

Take the Challenge is a free resourcing tool for churches to use on a seasonal basis to expand their ministry outreach in their "Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth." It is designed to inspire, strengthen and equip churches to stretch their community impact. (click link to see this season's challenge).