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Dr. William Warren: 'Our hearts are broken'

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Dr. William Warren: 'Our hearts are broken'

Dr. William Warren, President of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network

Our hearts are broken as we watch the fires burning in Baltimore, as we witness so much unrest, so much violence, so much pain.  The churches of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network in Baltimore are busy responding to the needs of a city in turmoil.  We need your help.

First and foremost, please pray, asking God to grant…

•    His peace to the city,
•    His wisdom to its leaders,
•    His comfort to families hurting from this crisis, including the family of Freddie Gray,
•    His healing for the police officers injured, some of them seriously,
•    His salvation to those who presently face this crisis without Him, and
•    His courage to our churches in Baltimore as they share His gospel in words of love, in deeds of love, to a city in shock…

so that His name will be honored.

Also, you can give to aid the victims of this crisis through www.bcmd.org/lovebaltimore.  Our churches have already fed over 2,000 people in the last two days. They are also giving their time for clean-up efforts, offering their vehicles for assistance, and lifting their prayers for the hurting.

We welcome your gifts and especially your prayers.  Together, let’s love Baltimore for the glory of God.